Reinventing the wheel with the Gi FlyBike

A Tannus business partner from fabric

An electric bicycle that can be folded in one second and taken virtually anywhere is being hailed as the future of urban commuting

With more people than ever travelling to work by bike, it's no surprise manufacturers are striving to meet demand with designs optimized for urban environments. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, young company Bignay Inc has thrown its hat in the ring with the Gi FlyBike.

As the world's fastest-folding electric bike, it certainly has efficiency on its side. The model, available in either a black or white frame, collapses in one second thanks to an easy-pull mechanism that allows the bike to fold in one swift movement, becoming compact and portable.

However, there's plenty more that makes the Gi FlyBike unique. It has a number of high-tech electrical capabilities, making it a kind of computer/transportation hybrid. It also comes with its own app, so cyclists can stay synced with their bike at all times.

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Features like front and rear lighting and an online locking system are controlled by the user's phone. Once the bike is synced with the app, you can turn on the in-built navigation system. This helps safeguard against possible theft, as each bike can be user-monitored and therefore easily tracked.

It also offers modern comforts in the form of a docked USB phone-charging system and, importantly, a 250-watt rear-wheel motor large enough to propel the rider for up to 40 miles, meaning uphill travel no longer involves the sweat patches that have come to characterise inner-city cycle commutes.

Another important design feature of this product is its wheels, made in partnership with Tannus Tyres. The bike boasts a no-maintenance set-up, with solid anti-puncture tyres ensuing that typical materials that cause punctures – nails, glass, thorns – don't in this case, eliminating the need to change or repair the rubber.

With its sleek design and high-tech features, the Gi FlyBike could be set to usurp the standard bicycle as a modern, more comfortable alternative.